Welcome To Class

After a year in the making, our first official GSO Educational Course is finally here! We are always looking for ways to better serve our community of anglers and our dream of creating online courses to meet our customers where they are at, is now a reality.

Our goal at GSO Fishing is to help anglers expand their knowledge, save time while doing it, and offer targeted information to specific fishing topics and questions. Let’s face it, life is BUSY and sometimes it’s hard to get away to go to a fishing seminar, expo or event. It can also be irritating to ask questions in Facebook groups or fishing forums because internet trolls are everywhere these days. YouTube is a great resource for expanding your fishing knowledge but it is extremely time-consuming to sift through hours of content to find the answer to your question. We want to help fuel your passion for fishing by teaching you the latest techniques and tactics proven to make your time on the water more successful and enjoyable.

We are already working on our next course, and have plans for many more, so keep watching for future announcements.

Since the launch of our first boat back in 2006, GSO Fishing has striven to provide the absolute best experience for our clients and customers. Whether you’re on a guided fishing trip, fishing our Premium jigs, or taking one of our online courses, we want you to know that we value you and truly appreciate your support of our GSO Fishing Team and Family.
Thank you!