Swim Finesse Jig Breakdown

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Brown Trout Caught On Kokanee Fry Finesse Jig

Swim Finesse Jig Breakdown

It has long been thought that Finesse Jigs are a bass fishing lure but would they work on other species of predator fish? The GSO Swim Finesse Jig, as well as the HD Underspin, have proven track records as multi-species swim finesse jigs.

This Breakdown mini-course was designed to cover everything you will need to be successful on the water with the GSO Swim Finesse Jigs and HD Underspin jigs.

Whether you’re curious about selecting color patterns, what is the best cast and retrieve method to use when fishing these jigs, how to properly rig a jig trailer, etc. we’ve got you covered.

With content that is broken up into smaller sections, it’s now easier than ever to expand your fishing skills and knowledge at your convenience. We’ve also added examples, tips, recommendations, and a downloadable course transcript to help you get the most out of this content.

So, if you’re looking to try a new fishing skill, answer questions about fishing swim jigs, or see if it’s really possible to catch multiple species on a finesse jig, this is the course for you!

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