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GSO Fishing launched our first boat on Blue Mesa Reservoir in 2006 as Gunnison Sports Outfitters. We only had one boat and one guide back then, but our vision was to help our clients make memories that would last them a lifetime. Over the past 15 years, our team, fleet, and family have grown tremendously, but the foundation of GSO Fishing remains the same.

We knew that to give our clients the best possible experience on the water, we needed to hold our team to higher standards. Don Mills was the first person to join our Gunnison Sports Outfitters Team as a deckhand. His guidance over the years truly set us on the path that we follow today. Throughout the years, we haven’t just hired any and everyone. Each team member is unique, has excellent fishing skills, but most importantly, they work together as a team to ensure that their clients experience the best fishing trip possible. We are blessed to get to work with this talented group of anglers.

In 2018, after a lifetime of fishing, years of guiding, and almost two decades as a buyer in the fishing industry, Andy couldn’t find products on the market that we needed for our style of fishing. So, that year we began creating and testing our own products. Thus, in 2019 our line of GSO Premium Jigs was born. 

Just like on our guided trips, we hold our products to higher standards. All of our jigs are hand-poured, trimmed, and packaged. We spend countless hours designing each jig until we get it just right, and we use only the best materials ensuring they hold up to all fishing conditions. We’ve worked hard to make sure they’ve earned their title as Premium Fishing Jigs.

GSO Fishing - Guide Andy Cochran and Junior Guide

Although fishing is the core of our business, and our team is the strength behind it, our family remains the heart. Our four wonderful daughters have grown up napping, crawling, and eventually walking the decks of our boats. We’ve spent thousands of hours on the water as a family, growing, making memories, learning tough life lessons, healing, and catching fish. Now, our girls help us run the different divisions of GSO Fishing, are the faces of the company, and have even helped out as deckhands on some of our guided trips.

Our team, guiding locations, family, and business have grown tremendously over the past 15 years, but our dedication to our clients and the foundation of our business still stand firm. So whether you are on a guided fishing trip, fishing our Premium jigs, or taking one of our online courses, we want you to know that we value you and genuinely appreciate your support of our GSO Fishing Team and Family.

If you have any questions or need to speak with one of our guides, please visit our Contact Us page.